A Cow, a Horse and Four Hogs

These items appear on the inventory of the goods of Joseph Marlow, deceased, of Charles County, Maryland, dated 7 June 1765. Other items appearing on this 250 year-old inventory include:
  • seven pounds of old feathers
  • one sow and four shoats
  • a small bed with oznabuge [sic] tick
  • one bundle of Indian corn
  • 2 earthen pots of fat
  • 25 pounds of old pewter
  • 10 pounds of pot iron
  • a horse bell
  • a gallon jug
Interesting treasures such as this two and-one-half-century-old inventory await in the vertical files of the San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society library. Read this inventory for yourself, or browse the files for other genealogical gems. The vertical files may be viewed in the original paper copies at the library, or in digital format on the library’s computers.

Annual SAGHS Seminar

It’s not too early to put the annual SAGHS genealogy seminar on your calendar! Join us on 17 October 2015 for a full day of learning with our speaker Patti Hobbs, CG. Patti will present two morning sessions on Autosomal DNA: "Testing for All Genealogical Lines" and "Analyzing Your Results. Afternoon sessions include "Evaluating Conflicting Evidence" and "Essential Research: Collateral Lines." Learn more about this event. Download the registration form.

New Beginning Genealogy Class

Are you new to family history research? Would you like to have individualized guidance to help you as you begin exploring the lives of your ancestors? Why not spend a day at the SAGHS library learning from an experienced researcher? Learn more.

Specialized Sets of Books for Research

Contained within the over 15,000 volumes in the SAGHS Library are many sets of books pertaining to specific localities, religious affiliations, immigrant groups, and military conflicts. These sets provide detailed coverage of their areas of focus, and help the researcher to place ancestors into their historical context.
Here are a few examples from the SAGHS Library holdings:
  • The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records. Birth, marriage, and death records from 137 Connecticut towns. 55 volumes.
  • Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records. Sacramental records from churches in the diocese from 1707 until 1900. 17 volumes.
  • Genealogies of Kentucky Families. Two hundred family history articles published originally in The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society and The Filson Club History Quarterly. 3 volumes.
  • North Carolina Troops. Rosters of North Carolina Civil War soldiers, including their service records. 12 volumes.
  • Settlers of the Beekman Patent. 18th century settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York. 11 volumes.
Why not plan a visit to the SAGHS Library to browse the shelves and make the most of our many sets of genealogy books? You may find just what you need to give your research a much-needed boost.

30 May
Creating a Family History Story Book
Instructor: Leslie Tomlinson. Perhaps it is that time of year when you have a few moments to write a short family story for your family events. Leslie explains how to do a brief story about an event or ancestor that records important memories for future generations. Please call SAGHS at 210-342-5242 or email ...
7 June
Basic Root's Magic Computer Program
Presenter:  Anthony Barbieri.  This is a program to acquaint Family Researchers with the Root's Magic Computer Program. To enhance your learning experience it is helpful to already have the application installed on your computer. Bring your laptop for a hands on experience. Please mail your registration and payment to arrive not later than ...
14 June
Indian Wars: History and Records
Speaker: Frank Faulkner. This is an intermediate genealogy skill class. From the time Europeans arrived in the New World, conflict with Native Americans was inevitable. This class will discuss the history of the Indian Wars from the Colonial era until 1924, when the last of the Indian raids occurred in the Southwest. As times ...
20 June
Founders’ Day Luncheon — Library CLOSED
Speaker: Tom Jackson Topic: The Life Rules of Teddy Roosevelt Spend some quality time with a true American hero, Theodore Roosevelt (TR), the only American to be awarded the Medal of Honor and the Nobel Prize. During his 60 years of leading the “strenuous life,” TR was not only a devoted family ...